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Street Angels on Princes Avenue are recruiting, so why not be an angel and make a difference in our community, on Friday evenings?

Who do we serve on the avenues?

The answer to that is everyone and any one, such as:


An average of 34 mouths fed every Friday

From 8pm to 9:30pm we open the doors of the church and invite people in to be served hot and cold drinks and food.


Prayer with Passion

We are Christian led which means that for those who want it, we offer prayer and spiritual first aid; However several of our Angels are not religious & the same can be said for most of the people we serve.



At 9:30pm we go out on patrol.  On the streets we ensure that people are safe, perform first aid,  clean up drugs & broken glass, as well as offering free water and/or flip-flops to bar users, if needed.

Street Angels FAQ

A Street Angel is someone who gives up at least one night a month to serve the community in our case on Princes Avenue on a Friday night; although we are hoping to do Saturdays as well, should we recruit enough volunteers.

We feed the poor, homeless and disenfranchised, along with patrolling the avenue and ensuring everyone is safe.

All Street Angels are trained in both First Aid and Conflict Management.  Additional optional courses include Food Hygiene, Substance Abuse Awareness, Mental Health First Aid and Basic Self Defence,

All training is provided for free and by a professional training organisation.  Street Angels training is sponsored by Humberside Police.

Get in touch or show up on a Friday evening after 8pm and we'll give you the tour and let you try on one of our jackets for size.  If you like it we'll put you on the Rota and arrange for you to be trained.

Contact Us


91 Princes Ave, Hull HU5 3QP


07384 626439



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